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Insurance Solutions

For the Independent Agent

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions That Make a Difference

Personalized service. Affordable options. Customized packages. Bluefire delivers the most comprehensive array of top-quality, low-cost insurance solutions for independent agents who specialize in creating innovative solutions for today’s insurance customer.

As an independent agent in our complex world, you want to meet your customers in a place that not only offers them a variety of options for their insurance needs, but also keeps the process simple and straightforward. You need an insurance partner that can help you easily incorporate new technological tools as they become available, while maximizing your productivity with first-class service.

Bluefire makes it easy for independent agents to get ahead in the insurance industry. We’re committed to simplifying the payment, renewals and claims process for your customers, so you can get on with the business of providing a safety net for your community members.

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Supportive Partnerships for Independent Agencies

As an independent insurance agent, you are constantly on the lookout – not only for ways to make life simpler and safer for your customers – but for ways to develop and improve your own professional life. At Bluefire, we invite you to take your agency to the next level with cutting-edge technology, advanced management techniques, and a loyal and supportive partnership experience.

Bluefire allows you to offer the most innovative and flexible car insurance solutions to your customers, but that’s only part of the experience. Under our trusted brand, you’ll find many more opportunities to level up your game.
  • Innovative, intuitive methods to help you attract new clients
  • Convenience with a wide range of affordable products
  • Fast and simple claims and transactions for your customers
  • Flexible ways to create customizable solutions for your agency
  • Emphasis on diversity and values in the insurance marketplace
  • Mentorship opportunities to help agents be winners in the field
  • Many more benefits specific to your independent agency
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Affordable Car Insurance for Your Insurance Clients

Today’s insurance customer needs specialized auto insurance options. It’s no longer a one-size fits all world. No-one is more aware of this than the independent agent. Since your customers now come to you with a variety of unique factors that determine their coverage needs, you need to be able to answer that with affordable options.

  • Driver licensed outside of the U.S. or with no license?
  • Driver who needs an SR-22?
  • No prior insurance?
All of these and many more are factors that will affect the car insurance you can offer. At Bluefire, we specialize in crafting policies that will meet your clients’ individual circumstances at a cost they can afford. Our team has years of experience working with independent agents just like you.
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