Help Your Clients Drive Safely in Mexico

Meet your clients’ needs when they drive throughout Mexico by offering affordable Mexican Car Insurance to protect their road trip to Mexico. Some people do not know they need to purchase auto insurance for Mexico, but they certainly do: U.S. car insurance is not recognized by the Mexican government, and they will need proof of financial responsibility in case of an accident.

As an independent agent, you are in a unique position to know your customers and their needs. At Bluefire, we help you earn your customer’s trust and business. Later, when their neighbor is driving to Mexico, they’ll refer them to you as well.

Benefits of Mexican Car Insurance from Bluefire Insurance

Mexico is a popular tourist destination for many of your customers. Driving across the border has become a quick and less expensive way to enjoy some of what Mexico has to offer, including its own wine country, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, amazing cuisine, vibrant culture, and much more. Purchasing Mexican car insurance is a must since you cannot legally drive in Mexico with American car insurance.

When you know your customers are driving across the border, let them know you have affordable Mexican car insurance options, including:

  • Civil Liability Coverage that kicks in if a driver damages causes injury or damage to another party. This liability insurance coverage is required to meet the legal requirements for driving in Mexico.
  • Physical Damage and Total Theft that covers physical damage to your vehicle should you be involved in a car accident, total theft, fire and more. This includes damage incurred when striking an animal, tree, or any kind of rollover damage.
  • Legal Service Coverage. In Mexico, it is not uncommon to be detained if you are found to be at-fault in an accident or if you are found to be driving without insurance. Legal Service Coverage will protect you from thousands of dollars of legal fees that come from legal counsel and/or bail bonds.
  • Roadside Assistance including towing, locksmith, tire change, and rental vehicle, transportation and hotel accommodations in case of vehicle breakdown, collision or theft (up to 5 days).

Bluefire Insurance is proud to partner with Sanborn’s to offer affordable Mexico Car Insurance

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