Bluefire is committed to the Independent Agent. With more than a thousand agencies as part of our team, you too can experience firsthand the service, dedication and transparency we stand for. We provide cutting edge and innovative tools to improve the management of our business and yours. We use the most advanced technology available so we can deliver accurate service and help you optimize your productivity and efficiency.

Benefits and Features for Bluefire Independent Agents

Whether you are a newer agent or one that is established, we offer the tools and support to take your agency to the next level. From those who serve their communities in large cities to those who work in more rural areas, Bluefire offers the total package for maximizing your business.

  • Competitive Commissions

    At Bluefire, we know you are working hard in your community for many reasons. You wouldn’t be an independent insurance agent if you didn’t care about your neighbors. Your financial rewards may not be the most important factor, but it’s still vital for you to stay open and be there for your community. Bluefire offers competitive commissions that pay you fairly for your time and effort.

  • Multiple Payment Options for Customers

    Making life easier and safer for your clients is what you are all about. And customer retention is a cheaper operating expense than customer acquisition. When your insurance customers use our system to pay their premiums, file their claims and receive service when they need it, they’ll be grateful to you for how easy and simple it is.

  • Multilingual Customer Service and Claims

    Customers get frustrated (and angry) when they cannot make themselves understood. And if they are trying to file a claim, they are already stressed. When you join the Bluefire team as an independent agent, one of the benefits to your customers is a multilingual staff standing by to serve.

  • Real-time Agency Reporting and Endorsements

    We get it. You are moving fast while working hard to establish and build your independent insurance brand. You want someone on the other end supporting that effort in real time. With Bluefire’s dedication to using the latest technology and innovation, we offer fast, professional and accurate real-time turnaround when you need an endorsement or to file your reports.

  • Carriers with Financial Stability

    When you offer your insurance customers tailor made policies that match up with their needs and budget, they’ll be impressed that you listened and understood them. But it won’t be an amazing feat if your policies are backed by carriers that are fly-by-night. At Bluefire, we pride ourselves on working with only “A” rated carriers who’ve been around the block and have proven their ability to withstand political and financial whirlwinds.

That’s Not All – We Offer Even More Benefits

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll come to expect once you are an independent insurance agent on the Bluefire team. But we can’t let you go without mentioning just a few more:
  • Various Down-Payments available, including Credit Card or E-Check
  • Semi-Annual and Annual Automobile Programs
  • Recurring EFT from Credit Card or Bank Account
  • Web enabled Point-of-Sale and Policy Administration System
  • Point-of-Sale Endorsement Issuance
  • A Sophisticated Multivariate Pricing Model
Man and woman business people next to window, woman with hand raised.

At Bluefire, we want to appeal to today’s independent insurance agent by focusing more on the things that will help you become a successful producer and empower you to be a leader in your community.

Rick Carter
I consider myself a dedicated and hard-working independent insurance agent and I’ve researched many types of carriers. Bluefire has consistently helped me and my clients with fast, professional and courteous service that never flags.
Rick Carter,
Carter Insurance

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