Regular Car Maintenance: What You Need To Know

by kwestfall - October 2, 2020

Car maintenance is super-important for the optimum performance of your car. If you want to keep your car in a top condition, you must commit to the right car maintenance schedule. This will not only keep your car in great condition but will equally improve car safety and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle. 

According to Modern Tire Dealer, regular preventative maintenance can help car owners save between $324 and $1,000 per year in gas alone. Taking good care of your car shouldn’t be a big deal. However, when it comes to proper maintenance, you need to understand and adhere to car checkups, car maintenance checklist by mileage, and recommended car maintenance guide. Here are some of the most important things you need to know: 

Take The Owner’s Manual Serious 

Most car owners and drivers are guilty of not paying attention to the Owner’s Manual. There is a lot of important information about cars that we neglect when we don’t read the manual. Start by paying more attention to your Owner’s Manual, and you will learn a lot about your car and how to maintain it properly.

Short Term Checkups Are Necessary 

Short term checkups are expected to be done regularly to ensure that your car is in top condition. It is important to: 

  • Inspect the oil and coolant levels every month 
  • Inspect the air filter as often as possible 
  • Check tire pressure and tread depth every month
  • Check headlight, turn signals, brake, and parking lights every month 
  • Change oil and oil filter every three months or 3000 miles
  • Rotate car tires, depending on usage 
  • And wax your vehicle every six months 

Long-Term Checkups Are Very Important 

Long term checkups are also critical for car safety and prolonged lifespan. These are some common car maintenance tips for long term purposes:

  • Change transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations  
  • Check transfer case fluid according to the recommendation
  • Have the professionals inspect shocks and struts every 50,000 miles 
  • Flush the coolant system regularly 
  • Have the professionals check and replace faulty spark plugs 
  • Inspect the serpentine belt for cracks or other wear and tear issues, and replace if there is any sign of damage or compromise 
  • And let the professionals check and replace fluid for the front and rear differentials, according to manufacturer’s recommendation.

Seasonal Checkups Shouldn’t Be Neglected 

Depending on the season, attend to the appropriate car maintenance list recommended by the manufacturers or your certified mechanics. You may need to:

  • Replace windshield wipers 
  • Perform battery performance checks 
  • Change your tires to season-appropriate ones
  • And check your coolant levels

Take Every Warning Light Indicator Serious 

Your car has several warning lights. These lights are obvious indicators of problems, and you should take any of them seriously and correct the problem as early as possible. Learn the meaning of the different warning lights, including engine light, service engine light, electrical fault light, brake warning light, ABS warning light, coolant warning light, and oil warning light.

Car Maintenance Has Many Benefits You May Not Know About 

You also need to know that car maintenance has several benefits besides improved performance. The major benefits to expect include:

  • Improved safety 
  • Enhanced reliability and performance
  • Prevention of expensive repairs 
  • Prevention of unexpected breakdowns and roadside emergencies 
  • Contribution to a cleaner environment
  • And higher resale value for your car. 

Car maintenance cost is only a fraction of what you will spend to fix a neglected car when it develops a serious fault. Besides, poor maintenance puts you in the line of danger. 

We hope these car maintenance tips here will help you make the right decisions and maintain your car properly. Indirectly, this will also affect your car insurance positively.

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