Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

by kwestfall - November 30, 2020

Proper maintenance of a car means that you prepare it for challenges ahead. If you live in a cold climate, for instance, getting your vehicle ready for winter is one of the most important things to do. This is because winter driving can be difficult, and the cold temperature and unpredictable conditions can wreak havoc on cars.

Is your car ready for winter? Have you taken the necessary steps to get it in proper shape for the season and the challenges it presents? Here, we will summarize how to winterize a car and provide other tips on preparing your vehicle for winter.

Follow Manufacturers Recommended Service Schedule 

This is an essential rule for all car owners. You should read your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cold-weather maintenance and other issues. It is imperative that you do as recommended.

Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure 

This is one of the most important things to do if you intend to drive during winter. Insufficient tire pressure escalates the dangers of driving on snow. Your tires must be properly inflated. Again, worn tires should be changed. The best cars for snow have snow tires. Consider switching to these types of tires.

Make Sure You Can See 

Good visibility is essential for safe winter driving. This implies that you have to check and take care of your wiper blades and cleaning fluid. It is best to replace wiper blades and refill cleaning fluid just before winter sets in.

Check the Braking System 

Best cars for snow and ice driving have perfect braking systems. Failure of your braking system when you are driving during winter can lead to a fatal accident. The best thing to do is to check your braking system early enough and have it serviced. If there is a need for replacement, don’t hesitate to do it before winter arrives.

Have Your Battery Checked 

We all know that winter is always hard on car batteries. Dealing with a weak battery during winter can be super-frustrating. It is important that you get your battery checked and boosted before the winter season. Ensure that the posts and connections are corrosion-free. If there is a need to change anything, do so as early as possible.

Change the Oil 

It is crucial that you change car oil at recommended intervals. The beginning of the winter season is an excellent time to change the oil. Make sure you get the right kind of oil change.

Get the Antifreeze Mixture Right 

Cold weather car maintenance is not complete without getting the antifreeze mixture right. It is recommended that you have a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze (coolant) and water inside your radiator. When you get it right, the mixture will never freeze, even under extreme cold weather.

Prepare and Winter Car Emergency Kit 

This is one winter driving tip that many motorists neglect. No matter how well you prepare your car for winter, you should never rule out the possibility of an undesirable incident. Having a winter car kit is highly recommended. Your emergency kit should contain winter car essentials like a flashlight, tire chains, flares, jumper cables, a tool kit, a first aid kit, an inflated spare tire, tire-changing equipment, a tire gauge, an ice scraper, extra set of warm clothes, and more.

It is important that you get your car winter-ready before the onset of the winter season. The tips here can help you do that. Even for the best AWD cars, follow the tips here and know the right way to react if you even get stranded while driving during winter.

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