Safety Tips for Driving at Night

by kwestfall - December 18, 2020

Do you feel safe during night driving? Most people will answer in the negative. Indeed, many motorists admit that they feel less confident driving at night. Considering the risks, this is quite understandable.

But is night driving really that risky? The answer is yes, the National Safety Council says as much. Traffic death rates are reportedly three times greater at night than during the day. The implication is that drivers need to be extra cautious when driving at night. The following safety tips can be very helpful:

Be Extra Defensive 

Defensive driving is recommended at all times, but you need to be extra defensive when it is night. Do not even think of drinking and driving. Don’t get behind the wheel if you are under the influence of any substance. Observe all traffic rules, despite the actions of others. Do not break any law when it seems no one is watching. Danger may be lurking around the corner.

Keep Your Windshield Super-Clean 

The dirty windscreen may be almost harmless during the day, but it becomes a significant danger for drivers at night. Ensure your view is clear when driving a car at night. Do not operate a vehicle with a broken or damaged windscreen at night.

Check Your Lights and Use Them 

Your headlights and taillights are super-important if you want to drive safely at night. Check to ensure that they are in excellent working condition before driving the car. Also, check your turn signals and other lights. Checking them is not enough; make sure you use them.

Don’t Look Into Incoming Lights Directly 

Headlight glare can blind you and cause accidents during night driving. Try not to look directly into the lights of oncoming traffic. Instead, cast your gaze down and to the right.

Avoid Two-Lane Highways  

Two-lane highways at night are pretty dangerous. As much as possible, avoid them once it is night time. For every late-night drive, find the safest possible route.

Watch Out For Pedestrian and Wildlife 

This is one of the driving at night tips people don’t take too seriously, though it is quite a serious point. Pedestrians at night pose more troubles for drivers. It is possible to encounter more drunk pedestrians, and you need to be extra careful. Watch out for wildlife, too – deer collisions happen most at night.

Reduce Speed and Increase Following Distance 

Whether you are driving in snow at night or driving on a clean, clear road, reduce your speed. Speeding at night is more likely to invite troubles. It would help if you also drove at a safe distance from other vehicles. Nighttime is not a good time for tailgating.

Fight Fatigue 

Fatigue is another major issue that can endanger your life during a night drive. Stay alert whenever you are driving. If it means resting from time to time or drinking caffeine, do all you can to stay alert. Remember that some drowsy drivers may be on the road; drive defensively.

Never Allow Yourself to Be Distracted 

Distractions can come in various forms. It may be your dashboard lights, smartphone, or loud music. Cut off any form of distraction and focus on safe driving.

Make Your Vehicle Visible On the Side 

If you have to pull off the road because of a breakdown or to get some rest, make sure your car is visible. Pull completely off the road, then turn on your hazard lights. It would be best if you also used reflective triangles. Don’t forget to stay safe inside your car till help arrives.

Driving at night can be very risky. In addition to all the car travel tips you know, keep these night driving safety tips in your mind whenever you need to drive at night. It will keep you and other road users safer.  

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