What is High-Risk Auto Insurance?

by Bianca Garrison - October 29, 2019
Man inside his car with a police officer in his window

High-risk auto insurance is insurance for drivers who have driving violations, inexperienced drivers, or sometimes drivers with bad credit. It is commonly referred to as “Non-Standard” insurance. If any of the above apply to you, your car insurance premiums may be higher. Many companies only offer insurance to drivers who have spotless records, but Bluefire Insurance offers reliable high-risk auto insurance that will get you back on the road. 

Who Needs High-Risk Car Insurance?

Your driving record is the best way to determine if you need high-risk car insurance. The factors listed below are all common reasons why drivers need high-risk car insurance. 

DUI Offense

If you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence, you will need DUI insurance, also known as SR-22. SR-22 is a proof of financial responsibility certificate, proving that you have car insurance coverage. It is filed on your behalf with your state’s DMV. 

An SR-22 enables drivers to reinstate their driving privileges following the loss of insurance, an uninsured car accident, or other traffic-related offenses. Every state has different SR-22 requirements, so if you need SR-22 insurance quotes for your state, contact us today. 

First Time Drivers

Unfortunately, teenagers and those with little driving experience are considered high-risk. The lack of experience results in high car crash rates. 

Multiple Car Accidents/Tickets

If you have been in multiple car accidents or have a history of moving violations, you may be considered a high-risk driver. 

Lapse in Car Insurance Coverage

Any amount of time that you have a registered vehicle with no car insurance, is a lapse in coverage. This can peg you as a high risk to car insurance companies because you’ve shown that you have chosen to drive while uninsured (which is against the law), or it shows your inability to maintain coverage. 

How Do I Get High-Risk Car Insurance?

If you need high-risk car insurance, you will need to shop around for high-risk auto insurance quotes. Bluefire provides reliable insurance for drivers with bad driving records, and we can provide you with a free high-risk car insurance quote. 

How Much Does High-Risk Auto Insurance Cost?

The cost of high-risk auto insurance varies and is based on several factors, including age, location, and driving history. 

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