Top 10 Winter Driving Tips

by Bianca Garrison - February 5, 2020
Front view of a car driving in the snow

You may have thought that winter is almost over, but in some parts of the country, there is no end in sight. Driving in the wintertime comes with a lot of challenges, so it’s important to learn life-saving driving tips that will keep you, your passengers, and other drivers safe. Here are the top ten winter driving tips for all drivers. 

  1. Winterize your vehicle. Yes, this is a real thing. Make sure your fluids are full, your gas tank is always at least half full, and that your brakes are checked. A qualified mechanic will give your vehicle a thorough inspection to make sure it’s safe to drive in cold weather. 
  2. Follow the 3-4 second rule. Stay at least 3-4 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. When driving in snow or on ice, increase to 6-8 seconds.
  3. Don’t use cruise control.
  4. Keep your car’s emergency preparedness kit fully stocked. This kit should include a flashlight, drinking water, snacks, cell phone charger, jumper cables, and other emergency items. 
  5. Consider getting winter tires. They are formulated with a softer, more malleable rubber compound, ensuring they maintain a better grip even in subzero temperatures.
  6. Be sure to brush off all of the snow before you drive. Failing to do so can cause the snow to blow onto your windshield while you are driving. Snow can also blow onto the car behind you.
  7. Warm-up your car before you head out but never leave a car running in a garage, even with the garage door open. 
  8. Make sure your rear-window defroster works. This will help melt the snow and ice on your rear window. In many states, the law requires that all of your windows are clear before you hit the road. 
  9. If you have a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that needs a little help in the snow, you can put a bag or two of sand behind the rear axle. The extra weight increases the traction of the rear wheels. If you don’t have access to sand, you can also use cat litter. 
  10. Drive with extreme caution in shaded areas. Ice and snow can stick there. 

If you live in a cold climate, you know that it’s best to drive slowly with your headlights on. You also have to make sure you adequately protected with quality car insurance that you can trust. If you need car insurance that you rely on, call Bluefire Insurance for your free car insurance quote.

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