Tips for New Independent Insurance Agents

by kwestfall - November 6, 2020

Selling insurance can be tricky, especially for an independent insurance agent. In the early days, navigating the waters can be pretty difficult as you struggle to get leads and land essential clients. When you continue to do the right things and implement proven strategies, it is possible to grow your business and become a top player in the industry. Here, we will briefly discuss a few tips on how you can succeed as a new independent insurance agent:

Work With a Business Plan and a Budget 

You need to have a clear vision of where your business is headed, even from the early days. A business plan is critical for business success, and you should start with one. Take budgeting seriously, also, as it will determine your financial standings.

Don’t Disregard the Importance of Dressing Professionally 

As an independent insurance agent, you need to build trust and confidence. Dressing professionally is very important in this regard, but some overlook it. Dress smart and speak clearly in a manner that demonstrates knowledge.

Prepare For Hard Work 

You need to be ready to work hard as a new independent agent. It is never easy in the early days, and hard work will be required to get you to where you want to be. Your time, skills, and commitment will be required all the time.

Manage Your Time between Service and Sales Activities 

Some feel that being an insurance agent is just about selling. That is not the truth; you are required to offer value to your clients. You need to be conscious of how you use your time. Ensure you have enough time for sales activities and enough time to take good care of your customers’ needs.

Take Digital Marketing Seriously 

Digital marketing is the best way to reach people these days, and you must take it seriously if you want to succeed as an independent insurance agent. It starts with having a responsive website. You should also find ways to connect and engage with current and prospective clients on social media. Digital marketing takes time and money, but the results are always worth the commitments you make.

Learn To Relate With Each Client 

Your clients are the most critical stakeholders in your business. As an independent agent, you are expected to represent their interest in any case. You need to know how to convince them to believe that you genuinely care. Pay attention to what they have to say and answer every question they have. When talking with clients, don’t use insurance jargon you know they will find difficult to understand. Treat each client with maximum respect.

Focus On Enhancing Your Services 

Understandably, you will want to make a lot of money as an independent insurance agent; everyone wants that too in their different careers. However, you must focus on enhancing your services rather than making more money in the early days. When you become a reliable agent, clients will come rushing, and you can get as much commission as you’ve always desired. Focus on delivering the best possible services, and a lot will work in your favor.

Independent insurance agents face challenges at every stage of their careers, but it is mostly more challenging in the earliest days. With the tips here, a newbie should survive the early days and grow his/her business significantly.

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