How to Become an Independent Insurance Agent

by kwestfall - September 2, 2020

Independent insurance agents help individual clients to buy the right insurance coverage for them. Unlike ‘captive agents’ who work for specific insurance companies, independent agents represent several companies. They are insurance brokers who work for their clients’ interests, matching them to the perfect insurance policies they need. 

According to the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America’s (IIABA), in 2018, there were approximately 36,500 independent agencies in the United States. When you become an independent insurance agent, you will help your clients and the insurance companies you represent equally. But how do you become an independent agent? Here, we will provide a short but comprehensive guide on the right steps to take to get there. 

Get the Right Education 

The first important step towards becoming an excellent independent insurance agent is getting the right education. You don’t need a college degree to qualify, but a college education will boost your chances of getting licensed and running your agency correctly. You can study subjects like marketing, business, economics, finance, mathematics, accounting, business administration, etc. You can even study insurance in some colleges.

Get Licensed 

Getting licensed is the most critical step to working as an independent agent. This is not something you will simply apply for and get. You have to write a series of examinations to pass and get your license. Some states may require that you get different licenses for the various insurance types you intend to sell. Operating as an agent without the proper license can land you in serious legal troubles. Complete the coursework, pass your licensing exams, and you are almost ready to launch as an independent agent. 

Explore Appointment Opportunities 

You have to be appointed by an insurance company before you can sell their products. To get the appointments, you need to apply and convince them that you are qualified for the job. The truth is many insurance companies are willing to appoint agents, so the job prospects are really good. You just need to complete your applications in ways that will convince each company you want to work with. 

While showing your skills and experience, demonstrate to the company that you are familiar with their products and can do your work efficiently as an independent agent. Another thing you can do is to apply to a successful independent insurance agent. You can search for independent insurance agents near me to find the right agencies to apply to. 

Take Continuing Education Courses 

Some local insurance agents make the mistake of relaxing after getting licensed and getting a few employments. This is one mistake you should never make. Some states require that agents take continuing education courses regularly to keep their license. Even if this is not the case in your state, try to learn more and develop yourself in the field. You should be confident, flexible, enthusiastic, and disciplined. You should also be ready to learn more about how to improve your business.

Depending on the qualifications you have at the moment, becoming an independent insurance agent can be pretty straightforward. Follow the few steps in this post diligently, and you will make a great agent. 

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