Insurance Marketing Strategies for Independent Agents

by kwestfall - July 30, 2020
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Insurance Marketing Strategies for Independent Agents – How to Grow Your Business 

As an independent insurance agent, you have to be on top of your game to grow your business. These days, consumers can buy directly from online carriers, even when they don’t fully understand what they are paying for. Insurance marketing, for an independent agent, involves reaching out to the consumers and presenting the value they stand to gain when choosing to buy the plan you have on the table. Are you in need of insurance marketing ideas? We will discuss essential strategies that will help you grow your business.

Up Your Content Marketing Game 

Content is king, even in insurance marketing. Most potential clients want to learn more about insurance, and you can get their attention by posting relevant content about insurance and what they need to know. Create and share content that will be valuable to current and prospective clients, regardless of where they are in the insurance process. When your brand is associated with the most helpful insurance content, it will be easier to attract more consumers and close sales.

Ensure That Your Online Reviews Are Great 

You want to make sure that your reputation as an insurance agent is excellent, both online and offline. In the digital era, online reputation is crucial and is mostly determined by reviews. The best way to get excellent reviews is to always do great works that clients will be willing to brag about. You should also monitor your reviews and encourage satisfied clients to give feedback. When you see a negative review about your insurance agency in any site, follow up immediately and ask questions about what you can do to remedy any dissatisfaction.

Sell Convenience as Part of Your Agency Value 

Many consumers who buy directly from online insurance carriers do that because they assume it is more convenient. When selling insurance, try to make it as convenient as possible for your clients. You should also find a way to assure prospective clients that you offer convenience while finding the perfect insurance coverage.

Communicate Efficiently 

Efficient communication is the key to customer satisfaction. If you want to retain your clients and capture new ones, you must communicate efficiently. It would be best if you also adopted the communications options clients want. They are in the driver’s seat, and you need to play along. Having multiple online and offline communication channels will be great.

Utilize Social Media 

Social media is one of the most important insurance agent tools. In fact, social media marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to keep in touch and stay relevant. According to a report by ITDS Business consultants, 100 percent of 20 major global insurers are active on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. As an independent agent, it is crucial that you take advantage of these social media platforms. If you are able to do it better than other independent insurance agents in your area, you will stand a better chance of getting new clients and keeping the existing ones.

Get Involved In the Community  

This is an old-school way of selling insurance, and it works just fine even today. It may cost you resources, but sponsoring an event or taking an active role in local non-profits will boost your reputation within the community and endear you to existing and potential clients.

Creating a marketing plan for an insurance agency shouldn’t be too tough. However, you need to get your strategies right. Here, we have discussed a few important strategies and hope it helps you grow your agency.

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