The Benefits of Roadside Assistance

by kwestfall - August 12, 2020

Most roadside emergencies happen when you least expect them. That is why they are called emergencies, after all. According to a recent report from AAA, battery and electrical problems, tire damage, and cooling system failures are the most common types of severe roadside breakdowns.

Furthermore, your car tire may burst, or your battery may fail when you are far from home. Your car’s engine may also overheat. These scenarios are not long-term inconveniences, but they can ruin your day if you don’t get help. This is where roadside assistance comes into play.

What is Roadside Assistance? 

Roadside assistance is an option in your auto insurance coverage that is specifically designed to cover all sorts of vehicle-related disruptions. It is typically a form of ad-on coverage that will come to the rescue when your car breaks down or develops a major fault in the middle of nowhere, and you are essentially stranded.

Your auto insurance coverage mostly protects you against significant misfortunes like accidents. On the other hand, there are vehicle-related inconveniences that are not too tangible to be included in a regular insurance package. Such things like running out of gas, having a flat tire, or experiencing locksmith problems are not covered by regular car insurance. But they can happen at any time, and roadside assistance will take care of them.

What Is Covered By Roadside Assistance Plan? 

A valuable roadside assistance plan should cover all sorts of vehicle-related disruptions. Those unforeseen moments where you will need a little help to save you from being stranded with your vehicle are the primary concerns of this insurance product. Specific problems that are typically covered by the plan include:

  • Flat tire services
  • Jumpstart for battery failure
  • Emergency fuel delivery and motor fluid refills
  • Lost keys and other lockout problems
  • Towing services
  • Winching or extrication (from a ditch or a badly damaged road).

Most companies have standby phone operators 24/7. Once you have any of the issues covered by the plan, you can quickly put out a call to get help. Regardless of the time of your call or where you are stuck, help will generally be sent your way as quickly as possible. You should ask about limitations before choosing a particular policy.

What are the Major Benefits of Roadside Assistance? 

From what we have covered so far, you should have a clear idea of what you stand to gain from it. For the sake of emphasis, here are some of the significant benefits of roadside assistance:

Quick and Convenient Response Service 

Your roadside assistance insurance will get you the help you need in terms of emergency as quickly as possible. Irrespective of where you are stuck, help will come your way when you need it.


You can find cheap road assistance plans that can save you on rainy days. Generally, what you will pay for the policy cannot compare the value of the roadside service you will receive during emergencies.

Peace of Mind 

When you know there is someone to call for free roadside assistance anytime you find yourself in an emergency, you will enjoy peace of mind. The services will be extended to any family member that uses the insured car, also. It is reassuring to know that none of your family members can be stranded. There are financial as well as safety benefits to this.


Roadside assistance is essential for several reasons. It covers all sorts of emergencies that a regular auto insurance policy may not prioritize. Several companies offer this insurance product but ensure that you buy from a reliable carrier that can deliver 24-hour roadside assistance, irrespective of where you or your loved ones are stranded.  

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