Why You Should Change Your Oil on Time

by Bluefire Editor - July 12, 2019
Open car hood with someone cheking the oil

You should never skip your vehicle’s recommended oil change, or it can have consequences on your car, money, and the environment. Here are a few more reasons why you shouldn’t let your oil change go past the set mileage.

Engine Damage

The most important reason to stick to your oil change schedule is to prevent engine damage. Your engine needs clean oil to run and stay properly lubricated. If the oil stays dirty for too long, the crucial components will overheat because of friction and start to wear down. One lesser known thing oil does is helps keep your engine clean, so if the oil is dirty, it will just clog the engine.

If your engine becomes damaged, it could take around $4,000 on average to replace, so don’t wait any longer to change your oil.

Bad Fuel Economy

Once your engine starts working poorly from the dirty oil, it will start to affect your performance and fuel economy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, keeping your oil maintained can save around one to two percent on your vehicle’s fuel cost. This can save you around $0.05 per gallon of gas, so spread that out across an entire year of fill-ups to imagine the savings.

Damaging Emissions

When your engine is performing incorrectly and overheating due to not having fresh oil, the oil can just burn, causing harmful emissions to go into the atmosphere. This will create an abundance of air pollution, which can easily be avoided.

If you keep to your vehicle recommended oil change schedule, you can prevent your engine from being damaged, which in turn will save you money on fuel and prevent harmful emissions.

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