The Return of the Commute: How Auto Insurance Agents Can Benefit from the Return to Office Trend

by admin - October 23, 2023
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If you’ve seen the major news outlets in the last few months, you may have noticed an interesting trend: the topic of “RTO,” or “return to office.” These trends are especially relevant to independent insurance agents who have an increased opportunity in clients who are now commuting. Even the major tech firms have begun pushing their employees to return to the office for as many as five days per week. 

This return to regular commuting patterns is likely to increase the amount of mileage that employees put on their personal vehicles, and this may present an opportunity for enterprising agents to win over new business. Read on to learn more about how you can take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

Check In with Existing Clients 

Your existing clients offer the first opportunity to take advantage of the RTO trend. These clients may soon be increasing their mileage and may want to modify their existing policies or purchase new coverage if they are coming up for renewal. 

Some sales ideas to consider include: 

  • Suggest Additional Liability Coverage: Loss rates are higher than ever, so having strong liability protection can go a long way toward giving clients peace of mind. 
  • Offer to Bundle Policies: To help clients save money, consider offering them a bundling discount if they also need a renters or homeowners insurance plan. 
  • Suggest Add-Ons That Make Sense: Perks like roadside assistance can help mitigate clients’ dissatisfaction when signing up for a new policy or expanding their existing one. 

Reach Out to Lapsed Policyholders 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some drivers let their insurance policies lapse. Many families found it more economical to reduce the number of cars in the household to save money on gas, depreciation, and taxes. 

Your agency likely has a list of lapsed policyholders, and it may be the right time to reach out to this list in a sensitive way to see if their insurance needs have changed, considering these new RTO requirements from employers. 

Here are a couple of ideas that you can use to reach out to lapsed clients: 

  • Personalized Letters or Emails: Begin with personalized communication expressing concern about their lapsed policy, especially given recent RTO developments. Emphasize the importance of a solid policy if they plan to increase their driving soon. 
  • Offer Incentives: Inflation has taken a bite out of clients’ pocketbooks — use this opportunity to offer discounts and other incentives to bring them back on board, especially if they need high-mileage auto insurance. 
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Run Digital Ads to Generate New Leads in RTO-Heavy Areas 

Certain areas of the country have seen higher rates of RTO than others. For example, in big mass transit-oriented cities, employees spend more time at home compared to car-heavy metropolitan areas like Houston. 

Focus your productivity efforts on areas that have been identified to have a higher proportion of employers mandating stricter in-office work policies. Some of the advertising opportunities available include: 

  • Geofencing: This tactic involves advertising only to clients in a specific geographic zone. 
  • Retargeting Prospects: Reach out to prospects who have visited your website with retargeting ads to bring them back for a quote. 
  • Display Ads on Local Websites: Consider setting up partnerships with news sites and other local sources of information in your area. 

Possible Objections from Lapsed and New Clients 

The biggest challenge clients face right now is the rising cost of basic living necessities. Some of the most common objections you can expect from them during these tough economic times include: 

  • High Cost: Everything is more expensive now, including repairs and maintenance. Clients may be hesitant to add yet another expense to their strained monthly budgets. 
  • Claims Dissatisfaction: If clients have ever had a negative experience with the claims process, this will be the time they bring up these prior issues. 
  • Misunderstanding of Value: Clients may not understand why a solid policy is important right now during times of high loss rates and record accident rates. 

Being prepared to discuss these concerns with your customers and offer solutions may go a long way to building brand loyalty. 

Offer Your Clients the Right Insurance at the Right Time 

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