How to Sell the Sizzle of Auto Insurance

by Jessica Smith - May 9, 2022
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What if a simple change could transform selling auto insurance? If you’re trying to sell insurance to different customers, it’s time to start selling the “sizzle” instead of the steak.

In sales, selling the sizzle means that you are emphasizing the benefits of something rather than the features. Think of it this way: the average customer’s eyes may glaze over if you rattle off a bunch of different features. What the customer wants to hear instead is exactly how this product is going to help them.

So, how can the sizzle help you with selling auto insurance? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Is the “Sizzle” of Selling Auto Insurance?

Selling the “sizzle” of auto insurance means selling customers on the different benefits of insurance coverage. This includes saving money, protecting the car, and providing peace of mind.

If you simply tell a customer a feature of car insurance, such that it offers liability protection, this may not win that customer over. Instead, they need to know more about what liability protection is and, most importantly, how this protection can help with their bottom line.

Ready to take selling auto insurance to the next level? Keep reading to discover our favorite ways to sell the sizzle of car insurance!

Emphasize Money Saved

Customers are often hesitant to buy additional insurance coverage because they see it as an added expense. In other words, they see insurance as taking money out of their wallet. As a sales professional, you need to help the customer see how insurance can actually save them thousands of dollars.

For example, explain how a customer could be on the hook for everything from damages to another person’s car to their expensive medical bills without enough liability protection. And with the rising costs of medical care, this would be enough to put most people in major debt. Compared to that, a modest monthly premium is no big deal.

Protecting the Car with the Minimum Insurance

In most states, liability coverage is the minimum required insurance. Customers are often tempted to get only the minimum insurance in order to save money. However, it’s important to sell them on the idea of collision coverage helping protect both their car and their lifestyle.

First, explain how liability only pays to cover damage caused by the driver who was at fault. So if the customer ends up causing an accident, they will get no money to help repair their vehicle. But collision coverage helps repair or even replace the vehicle regardless of who was at fault.

Second, help the customer see how important regular access to their car is. For example, most people need their car to get to work. If they lose access to that car, they could lose their job, take on debt, and maybe even lose their house. But with collision coverage, the customer doesn’t have to worry about any of that.

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The Power of Peace of Mind

Generally speaking, our greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. We never know what could happen in the next few minutes. While that can be exciting, it can also be downright terrifying, especially when you are worried about your family.

When selling auto insurance, you should always emphasize how good insurance provides peace of mind. And while the right insurance carrier can help someone save money on their monthly premium, customers should understand that real peace of mind is something nobody can put a price tag on.

With the right coverage, a customer doesn’t have to worry about losing their car or going into massive debt after one accident. This is especially important for customers with families. You should let customers know that the right insurance coverage is the key to protecting their families from the financial fallout of a car wreck.

Get the Best Car Insurance Today

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