Upcoming Insurance Conferences in 2024 and Events to Spring into Your Career

by admin - May 6, 2024
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Attending conferences can help agents like you — whether you’re just starting your career or further along — develop a strong network, build an effective skillset for selling policies to your target market, and acquire new ideas for building your book of business. The top insurance industry conferences in 2024 include Insurtech Insights USA, IndieTech Showcase, Applied Net, American Agents Alliance, and many more.  

Read on to learn more about the top 8 conferences you should check out in 2024 if you’re looking to expand your network, upgrade your career, or become an independent insurance agent

The Importance of Staying Ahead in the Insurance Sector 

Understanding the latest developments in the sector, especially for auto products, is absolutely essential for you as an agent, and here’s why: The world of cars and driving is changing at an incredible pace. EVs (electric vehicles) continue gaining popularity (and government support), self-driving cars have moved from science fiction to reality, and tech advances have provided many new safety features. 

For agents like you, staying informed isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about providing the best possible service. When you know how these technologies work, you can more accurately assess risks, craft policies, and handle claims. Attending insurance conferences makes all the difference in offering advice and solutions that truly meet your customers’ needs. 

How Conferences Propel Industry Progress 

Conferences are the beating heart of industry innovation, acting like bustling marketplaces where ideas are traded, partnerships are formed, and the future is imagined together. They’re a place where the latest research, trends, and technologies are on full display, allowing everyone from seasoned experts to eager newcomers to soak in new knowledge.  

It’s this sharing of insights across diverse perspectives that fuels progress, ensuring that every attendee (and, ideally, you) leaves with a richer understanding of the field and a suitcase full of ideas to explore. 

But it’s not just the formal presentations and workshops that make conferences so valuable. The magic often happens in the hallways, over coffee, or during networking events where casual conversations turn into collaborations and friendships. These connections can be career-defining, opening doors to opportunities for you that were previously out of reach.  

Moreover, you may find that being in a space surrounded by people who are equally passionate about their work is incredibly motivating. It’s hard not to feel inspired when you’re part of a collective that’s striving to push boundaries and innovate. 

Must-Attend Insurance Conferences in 2024 

In 2024, agent events offer a golden opportunity to catapult your knowledge and networks to new heights with a lineup of standout conferences. Each gathering, from Insurtech Insights USA to Insuretech Connect, promises a deep dive into the innovations and technologies that are reshaping the industry. 

Imagine immersing yourself in discussions about AI, blockchain, and digital transformation or exploring the latest in software solutions that can streamline your operations. These events are not just about keeping pace with industry trends; they’re about seizing the chance to stand out in a crowded market by embracing the future of the industry today. 

Beyond the tech talk, these conferences are fertile ground for forging meaningful connections alongside like-minded professionals and visionaries. Whether it’s the Applied Net gathering, the American Agents Alliance convention, or the niche focus of the IndieTech Showcase, each offers a unique blend of networking, professional development, and practical insights. 

Picture yourself walking away with actionable growth strategies, a clearer understanding of regulatory landscapes, and a pocket full of contacts ready to collaborate and innovate. If you’re looking to thrive amidst the industry’s rapid evolution, marking these 2024 conferences in your calendar is not just an option; it’s a strategic move towards future-proofing your career and business. 

People attending an insurance agent conference milling about in between sessions.

Agents Brokers United Convention 2024 

When & Where: April 24-May 2, Las Vegas, NV 

This insurance convention has already taken place this year, but look out for it in 2025. It is a must-attend for agents and brokers like you looking to amplify your influence and effectiveness within the industry. It offers a unique blend of networking opportunities with fellow professionals, insightful sessions on the latest market trends, and strategies to enhance agency operations and customer service.  

Attending the Agents Brokers United Convention means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge on advocacy and regulatory challenges, as well as the latest tools to keep your agency on the cutting edge, making it a pivotal event for those committed to excellence and growth in your practice. 

Insurtech Insights USA 2024 

When & Where: June 5-6, New York, NY 

Insurtech Insights USA is where technology meets insurance at its core, offering agents a front-row seat to the innovations driving change in the industry. By attending, you will not only learn about the latest in AI, blockchain, and other transformative technologies but also how these can be leveraged to enhance efficiency, improve risk assessment (be sure to check out these six insurance cybersecurity trends), and deliver a superior customer experience.  

This conference is an invaluable resource for staying competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace, providing a platform to network with tech pioneers and discover tech-driven solutions to traditional challenges. 

Applied Net 2024 

When & Where: September 9-12, Nashville, TN 

Recognized as the world’s largest gathering of insurance pros, Applied Net is pivotal if you utilize or are considering Applied Systems technology. This conference offers deep dives into maximizing technology to drive agency efficiency and client satisfaction, showcasing the latest trends, software solutions, and digital transformation strategies. It’s also a vibrant networking hub, providing you the opportunity to connect with peers and experts, which makes Applied Net an indispensable event for you to thrive in the digital age. 

American Agents Alliance 2024 

When & Where: September 19-21, Palm Desert, CA 

Specifically designed for the needs of independent representatives and brokers, the American Agents Alliance Conference is an ideal forum for enhancing your industry knowledge, networking with other insurance professionals, and discovering strategies for business growth.  

Alongside a focus on practical, actionable advice, the conference covers a wide range of topics, from regulatory updates to marketing strategies, offering valuable insights for new representatives and seasoned professionals alike. This event promises not just learning opportunities but a community ready to support each other in navigating the challenges of the insurance landscape. 

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies Annual Convention 

When & Where: September 22-25, Denver, CO 

This convention offers a deep dive into the mutual insurance model, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities companies face. It’s a gathering that spans regulatory updates, strategic insights, and networking opportunities tailored to the community.  

Agents working within mutual protection will find this event particularly beneficial for understanding market trends and legislative impacts and for connecting with peers and leaders dedicated to the mutual insurance philosophy. This convention is not just about staying informed but about being part of a community that shares a commitment to mutual success. 

IndieTech Showcase 2024 

When & Where: September 24-25, Indianapolis, IN 

Tailored for the independent agent keen on leveraging technology, the IndieTech Showcase is an intimate gathering focusing on the tools and technologies that can differentiate an independent agency in today’s market. It’s an opportunity to explore innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and optimize policy management. You’ll leave with actionable insights on implementing tech advancements in your services, making it an essential event for any agent looking to stay ahead in the digital curve. 

Insuretech Connect (ITC) 2024 

When & Where: October 15-17, Las Vegas, NV 

As the largest event dedicated to insurtech, ITC is an unparalleled platform for agents to explore how technology is reshaping this industry. This conference is where the future of the industry takes shape through discussions on global trends and opportunities to network with technology innovators and uncover potential partnerships that could redefine how insurance services are delivered. If you’re interested in staying at the forefront of industry transformation, Insuretech Connect is an essential annual event that promises to inspire and equip you for the digital future. 

IAOA Innovation 2024 

When & Where: Not Yet Released 

Hosted by the Insurance Agency Owners Alliance, this conference is a celebration of innovation within the agency model. You’ll discover new ways to incorporate cutting-edge practices and technologies into your operations directly from those who have successfully done it. It’s a perfect setting for collaborative learning and for those eager to transform their businesses to be more efficient, client-focused, and forward-thinking. The IAOA Innovation Conference is an investment in your agency’s future, offering tools and insights that can lead to tangible growth and enhanced service delivery. 

Niche Gatherings for Focused Learning 

Niche gatherings offer invaluable opportunities for professionals (including new agents looking to set themselves up for success) to delve into specific industry segments, from cyber protection and flood risk management to life insurance and claims handling. These specialized events provide a focused platform for learning about the latest trends, regulatory changes, and innovative practices within distinct areas of insurance. 

Enhancing Skills through Workshops and Training Sessions 

You can expect to enhance your expertise through targeted workshops, industry events, and networking opportunities, staying abreast of the evolving landscape and finding cutting-edge solutions to meet the nuanced needs of your clients. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of reinsurance, navigating health reforms, or mastering marketing strategies, these gatherings equip you with the knowledge and connections to excel in your field. 

Getting Started as an Independent Agent 

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