What Do Insurance Agents Do: Job Description, Types, and How to Become One

by Bluefire Editor - February 5, 2024
Smiling woman insurance agent does her weekly activities behind a desk.

For those who are looking for an exciting career, the life of an insurance agent can be a great opportunity for the right personality. If you enjoy working with and helping people, this is the job for you. 

This type of career can offer lucrative compensation due to its sales-focused nature, as well as the flexibility that few typical “corporate” jobs can provide. 

But what does an insurance agent do, exactly? Read on to learn more about  insurance agent responsibilities, benefits, and to better understand a very promising profession. 

An Overview of an Insurance Agent’s Job 

You can think of agents as the go-betweens for companies selling and people buying insurance products. They help folks, businesses, and families find the right policies. They assess what clients need for coverage, explain the options, and help them choose the right fit. 

Importance of Insurance Agents 

So, why are these agents important? Their responsibilities encompass several tasks. They offer personalized advice and make the whole “insurance thing” a lot less confusing. They make sure that clients understand what their policies cover and help them make smart choices with limited resources. 

Plus, when a client files a claim, an agent can step in to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

The best agents also help their clients understand the nuances of different policies without overloading them with complex terminology. 

Unraveling the Multiple Types of Agents 

There are two main types of agents: captive and independent. Captive agents work for just one company which has certain limitations. 

But independent agents can really have it all They’re the ones who can connect clients with policies from different companies, so they have more options. There are pros and cons to both types of paths, and you should carefully consider which one makes more sense for your lifestyle and professional development goals when working in this field. 

A smiling insurance agent explains a car insurance policy to a couple sitting on a couch.

Delving Into the Job Responsibilities of an Insurance Agent 

Agents find potential clients, determine what coverage they need, and suggest the right policies. They need to stay on top of all the new regulations and rules. They also deal with renewing policies, updating them, and helping when clients need to file a claim. 

Generating new business and retaining existing business are important aspects of being successful. A large part of an agent’s time will revolve around these twin priorities. 

Decoding the Daily Life of an Agent 

An average day is a mix of selling, talking to customers, and doing the necessary paperwork. An agent networks, meets with clients, prepares proposals, and participates in community activities as part of their commitment to their neighborhood. Every agent also needs to be flexible and ready to adapt to dealing with different clients and ever-changing products and regulations. 

How Can You Become an Agent? 

To become an agent, you generally need a high school diploma. Some agencies may want you to hold a relevant college degree as well. Additionally, states require proper licensing, which means passing exams that test competence and knowledge of the insurance world. 

Addressing Common Misconceptions about Insurance Agents 

The average person sometimes gets it wrong about agents. Some think they just want to sell products without truly understanding what the client needs. 

Sure, selling is part of it, but agents are also there to give advice on the right product. And even though customers can buy a policy online these days, having someone with expert advice and a personal touch is incredibly valuable. 

In an era of online sales where policies are sold en masse, having a specialist on their side who can walk them through the complexities can give clients peace of mind. 

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