7 Awesome Perks of Being an Insurance Agent

by Jessica Smith - January 24, 2023
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What if the best career choice for you was something you’ve never considered before? 

If you’ve been looking for a new job, it’s worth taking a look at the insurance industry. That’s because becoming an insurance agent provides a fulfilling job with plenty of awesome perks. 

But what perks help make being an insurance agent the dream job you never dreamed of? Keep reading to discover the answers! 

1. The Joy of Helping People 

Ever hear the phrase “living to work or working to live?” This old phrase reveals a basic truth: Many people look at their job as a way to simply earn money and nothing more. In fact, 30% of Americans see their job as just a way of helping them get by from day to day. However, when you get a special joy out of your job, it can help to make it that much more fulfilling. 

And being an insurance agent is actually very fulfilling. That’s because you play an important role in helping to keep your community safe, which makes a great difference. At the same time, you get to learn more about what others are worried about and provide ways for them to protect themselves against unexpected disasters. 

Trust us: You sleep a lot better at night when you love your job and, at the same time, help your neighbors! 

2. No Shortage of Career Opportunities 

Whenever someone considers taking on a new job, they have a simple question: Will there be a lot of opportunities? After all, the last thing you want to do is make a major career change that doesn’t provide the opportunities you need. 

Here’s some good news: You can count on having plenty of great opportunities when you sell insurance. That’s because, by the year 2026, a whopping 50% of the insurance workforce will retire! 

At the end of the day, though, people will still need insurance. Since fewer people will be selling it, current insurance agents will have more opportunities than ever before. 

3. Become Your Own Boss 

What’s the worst thing about your current job? Most people, if they are being honest, would reply “my boss.” Sometimes, this is because the boss is terrible. Other times, the boss may be great, but the worker longs to do things their own way. 

Once you become an insurance agent, one of the best perks is that you become your own boss. Whether you become a captive agent or a completely independent agent, you’ll have a level of personal freedom that most jobs can never offer. 

What will you sell and who is your audience? What sales approaches will you specialize in? Ultimately, every major decision is in your hands! 

4. Major Earnings Potential 

Want to hear another perk of becoming your own boss as an insurance agent? Ultimately, how much you make is up to you! 

Most other jobs tie you to a very specific salary. Even if that salary is relatively generous, you’re stuck with a sobering truth: You’re going to make the same amount that year whether you phone your performance in or become a star employee. 

As an agent, though, you can sell insurance to as many people as you want and take a commission on each sale. In this way, it’s not uncommon for good agents to earn six figures. So if you’ve been looking for a job that can finally match your ambitions, look no further than the insurance field. 

5. Learn Valuable Skills 

Earlier, we touched on the importance of your job being fulfilling. One of the things that makes a job more fulfilling to workers is that it helps them learn valuable new skills. 

As an insurance agent, you’ll pick up more than a few useful skills. Some of these will be technical skills involving analytics and specialized software. Others will be “soft skills,” including things like communication and problem-solving (both of which help you build client relationships). 

These skills are great to master because they do more than make you better at your job. For example, becoming a better communicator and a better problem-solver will help you with many of the different personal and professional challenges you will ever encounter. 

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6. Very Easy to Get Started 

Selling insurance may sound good on paper, but you might be hesitating because you’ve never done it before. Is this field hard to get started in? In fact, the answer is quite the opposite! 

For most agents, it’s possible to study for and pass their state’s license exam in only a few months, even if they know nothing about the industry ahead of time. Once you have your license, the career options are almost limitless! 

Want to work for an insurance firm? In most cases, no college degree is required. That makes becoming an insurance agent one of the most lucrative fields you can pursue even if you have no college experience. 

7. The Ultimate Job Security 

Before you switch career fields, you likely have concerns about job security. Many fields ranging from retail to writing are slowly being replaced by automation and other technological innovations. So when it comes to insurance, here’s the big question: Will this still be a viable job field many years down the line? 

In a word, yes! Everyone will always need insurance to protect things like their homes, cars, and their very lives. As long as the need for insurance remains, there will be a need for insurance agents. 

What customers crave are unique insurance solutions tailored to their specific needs. This is something automation can never provide (though AI can help insurance agents), so insurance will always need the kind of “personal touch” only agents like you can provide. 

Become an Insurance Agent Today! 

Now you know more about the awesome perks of being an insurance agent.  

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