Relationship Building for New Insurance Professionals 

by Jessica Smith - July 19, 2022
independent insurance agent shaking hands with client

Building an insurance business is about more than offering great rates on affordable car insurance. Sure, the public has a need for insurance, but there are countless agents available to sell them a policy. To stand out and retain customers, you must build a relationship with your customers. 

Building a relationship is about going beyond the transactional aspects of the job and getting to know your customer. After all, it is impossible to genuinely serve their needs and anticipate their insurance requirements without understanding them as a person. The following tips can help new insurance professionals with relationship building. 

Get to Know Your Customer 

The key to a successful insurance brokerage is building relationships instead of approaching customers in a transactional manner. The first step in this process involves getting to know your customers as individuals. You should know more about them than their insurance needs. Do they have children? What do they do for a living? Building these relationships is not only fulfilling, it can also help you avoid customer churn by building loyalty. 

According to Forbes, one of the best ways to build relationships and your brand is by asking questions. After all, your customer might not immediately offer up the details of their life before you need to get to know them. Asking questions allows your customer to share their insights and interests. It also allows you to build a foundation beyond that of a transactional business relationship. This approach could turn a cold lead into a new long-term customer

Be Authentic When Building Relationships 

Your insurance agency customers will be able to tell if you are holding yourself out as something you are not. You need to be your authentic self instead of what you think your customers want to see. Focus on your strengths and identify how you best fit in with others. This can lead to communicating with your customers in a way that is comfortable for both parties. A level of comfort could help you build your relationship over time. 

female insurance agent shaking hand with client

Personalize Communication with Your Potential Clients 

It can be time-consuming, but personalizing your communication will pay dividends. Even if it is little more than a note to a client or a reference to their personal story in a conversation, personalization might leave a big impression. 

This approach is in stark contrast to communicating with customers en masse. It is not difficult to tell when an email or letter is a form that went out to hundreds of other people. Personalized communication—and insurance solutions—are great tools for building relationships. 

Offer Real-Life Solutions to Your Clients’ Challenges 

At the end of the day, your customers want your help in solving a problem. They need insurance coverage, and you are the person that can help them acquire it. Few things in relationship building are more important than presenting viable solutions to these problems. 

It is important to show your customers that your portfolio can meet their insurance needs. Additionally, offering the right solution establishes that you understand their needs, to begin with. In some cases, you could build a relationship by showing them how you are improving their coverage or saving them money each month. 

In some cases, offering solutions is only possible by first educating your customers. Some customers might have very little knowledge of how insurance works. By educating them on the basics of their policies as well as what goes into the cost of insurance, you could ensure that their expectations are met. 

Get Help with Building Your Successful Insurance Business 

Getting started in the insurance industry can be challenging—especially when you are on your own. Having an insurance company that has your back could be a game-changer for new brokers. If you are ready to have the resources you need to succeed in the insurance industry, Bluefire Insurance is here to help. 

To learn about becoming an agent with Bluefire Insurance, you can contact us online or call 866-424-9511 for more information. 

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